The moment Laura taught her first Pilates class over eleven years ago, she knew she had something special.  She had control of the entire room and her students were responding to her as if she had been teaching for years.  After graduating high school and heading off to Boston for university, she decided to continue teaching.  In 2004, Laura completed her Mat Certification through Power Pilates, training under Kathy Van Patten.  As the years went by, Laura had been building her class schedule and presence in Boston while she finished school.

LauraAs is expected, Laura went off to tackle “Corporate America” after graduating from Northeastern University.  While still teaching Pilates, before work, after work and on the weekends, Laura began to think about a big change that needed to happen.  In 2009, after two years at an economic consulting firm, Laura left to pursue teaching full time.  She continued her training and education with Power Pilates and began teaching in a full Pilates studio at Equinox, using the Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair.

Since then, Laura has never looked back.  Over the years in Boston, she has taught classes and clients at high end gyms, small boutique studios and privately at clients’ homes.  She expanded her knowledge and began teaching Pure Barre, and incorporating other core based exercises into her Mat Pilates classes to make it her own.  She also took a year to move across the country and teach for a bit in Scottsdale, Arizona.  In 2012, Laura made the biggest move yet.  Her and her fiancé moved around the world to Singapore.

photo3Laura taught for 2 years at Upside Motion in Singapore, a small boutique studio located at City Hall as well as their newest location on Orchard Road.  In addition to Pilates, Laura also teaches Xtend Barre at Upside Motion, Singapore’s first barre studio.  Laura also built a pretty expansive list of in home private clients, helping Singapore’s busiest moms and businessmen stay fit.

The move had opened so many doors for Laura, and helped her to realize how passionate she is about fitness and bringing it into people’s lives.  Laura has traveled all around Southeast Asia during her time in Singapore and let’s us all feel as though we are right there with her on her travels.  Her photos and videos around the region help us to take a look at the world we may not ever get to see.

After 2 amazing years overseas Laura and her now husband, yes they planned a wedding in Boston while living in Singapore…no easy feat, headed back to the USA to start a new life in San Francisco, CA.  Laura went back to her original roots and started teaching at Equinox, which just opened their doors one month prior to their arrival.  Not only is Laura teaching group fitness class and training clients in the Pilates studio, she was named the Pilates Coordinator at Equinox Union St.

After just a year, Laura’s husband landed a job in San Diego.  Heartbroken to leave what she had created at Equinox Union St. and all of their friends that seemed like life long friendships, they decided to pack up and move, again.  However, the stars were aligned;  Equinox was opening their first San Diego club and Laura was offered her same position for this new club, eight months before they planed to open.

Now, Equinox La Costa is up and running and Laura has built an incredible Pilates team.  More changes are on her way as her and her husband are expecting their first child in August of 2016.




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