Life as a Fitness Professional During COVID-19

Life as a Fitness Professional During COVID-19

Wow. It’s been a long while. I noticed my last post was introducing the new studio, Upside Motion, I was a part of in Singapore. That was…3 years ago. I’m not proud. I’ve been busy. That’s the simple truth.

Since my last post, my husband, son, dog and I relocated from Singapore back to the US. Neither of us wanted it. We wanted to make our life in Singapore. But, job situations change, and well, our VISA did not renew. So we packed up and moved back halfway around the world. No biggie.

We started our new life as young parents in NYC. Again, easy. I slid right back where I felt most at home; teaching at Equinox. Not just Equinox, the OG. I was teaching where Equinox was born. I was surrounded by the best of the best in the fitness industry; teaching beside instructors who create trademarked classes for Equinox. It was exciting, always having to be on my absolute “A game”. I loved it. And I loved NYC.

James walking Paya in Central Park

With a full schedule and a toddler to take care of, I was busy. I had little time to myself, but I didn’t care because we were living and flourishing in the best city in the world. Hence why you haven’t heard from me on this platform. Do people even read blogs anymore anyway?

James scooting along Riverside Park

Fast-forward 2+ years to the year no one will ever forget; 2020. We moved, yet again. Long story short, my hubby does advertising for Cadillac, which were headquartered in NYC, but decided to move back to Detroit. So, “Hello from Detroit!!!” We bought our first house, because well, that’s what people do in places other than the biggest cities in the world. It was all so new to us. We literally closed and moved into our new house on March 2.

Two weeks later, we were living in lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Was that timing or what?

I was all set and ready to start teaching at the gorgeous new Equinox Bloomfield Hills, which is 2 miles from my house. On March 16th they announced they would be closing for two weeks. Deep down I think we all knew what was coming. I never got to start teaching.

Immediately I had to come up with a plan to keep me sane. I need clients and a group fitness class in front of me like some people need food and water. It is my lifeline.

I made the decision to start teaching “LIVE” classes on Instagram, something I never really got into. Do you have any idea how hard it is to try to seriously teach a class while my 3 year old is home with me, climbing all over, demanding every ounce of attention? It definitely shines a light on my personal life, outside of my “instructor” life.

Not at all distracting.

Creating my own barre studio in my bedroom.

I didn’t have a huge audience, but I had great clients and students, and that’s all I needed. When I realized teaching online could work, I started a weekly schedule of classes held via Zoom. Old clients also reached out wanting to do private sessions as well, which I was psyched about. Some clients I haven’t seen or worked with in years! This was definitely the silver lining.

getting to see so many old students from all over!

Here we are now; 6 months later. I will not lie; I miss teaching in real life. I miss the energy of the studio and the music and the microphone. I miss the energy of people. I miss the small talk before and after class. I miss recognizing people on the street from class. I find myself hustling more than ever before, never taking for granted a single class or client.

Emily in Singapore joining in class!

I hope to write more. James is off to school every day, and I find myself with time for me. However, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to come back 3 years later finding this as my last post, and reminiscing over this crazy life we are all living.

One last thing. Wear your mask. And vote.

No one likes to wear them, but you HAVE TO!

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